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Sony SmartEyeGlasses Are Technologically Advanced But Stylistically Questionable

Sony announced its foray into smart glasses last September, and now we get the first look at the development of “SmartEyeGlasses,” a transparent lens eyewear that connects with smartphones to superimpose information onto the real world, such as symbols, text and images. The eyepiece is equipped with a diverse range of sensor technologies such as a CMOS image sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, microphone and more. The augmented reality accessory aims to give the user information about their current status, acting as a live feed of necessary information that appears in your field of view. The “SmartEyeGlasses” utilizes unique hologram optics to achieve a lens that is capable of a high transparency of 85% with just a 0.3mm thickness. Technologically, the glasses are advanced with huge potential, however, aesthetically, they may be more reminiscent of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle than someone tech-savvy. The glasses will be available in some countries beginning March 2015, but check out the video above and let us know what you think.