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3 Random Facts About Ikea

Did you know that the IKEA job interview consists of putting together a piece of their furniture without having an extra pieces? Just kidding. I have no idea what their job interview process is. 

1) What I do know is that they are having a Swedish Crayfish Party in their cafeterias including bibs and a songbook! Why? Because it's tradition!
What else is going on with the Swedish furniture maker? Let me tell you!
2) According to the Business Insider, Ikea use to design this desk which for some reason was loved by all startups, and now they've stopped production of the "Galant." Whatever will all those startups do? 
3) As if that wasn't eventful enough, maybe its a slow news day but some news outlets felt the need to report that people nap at Ikea. Next I will tell you rain is wet and the sky is blue. 
And there you have it, 3 random facts about IKEA proving that companies have personalities too!