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New Fuel Additive Prevents Explosions, Reduces Emissions

Scientists at Caltech have developed an amazing new technology that will prevent volatile fuels from exploding. If the new polymer fuel additive announced this week had been developed 15 years ago, the 9/11 disaster could not have happened because the jet fuel in the tanks of the aircraft would not have exploded upon impact.

polymer New Fuel Additive

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology and JPL have developed a polymeric fuel additive that dramatically reduces the intensity of impact-related explosions that occur with fuel during accidents and terrorist acts. Moreover, early test results demonstrate that the new additive does not adversely impact fuel performance and reduces some types of emissions (pollutants).

The research on the new fuel additive was published in this week's edition of the academic journal Science.

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The additive was produced in the laboratory of Julia Kornfield, professor of chemical engineering, and is a polymer. A polymer is a long molecule with numerous repeating subunits...