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Pandora Needs To Buy TownSquare Media And Create A Vertical, Omni-Channel Operation

It's not all bad for Pandora (P), the internet radio service provider, but it could get that way.

As if the shares being down ~50% over the last twelve months don't tell the story enough the analyst community is out in force with their collective "the sky is falling" downgrades and their collective "the competition is coming, the competition is coming" Paul Revere shouting on The Street. We get it. Maybe the sky really is falling at Pandora. Maybe the competition really is coming for Pandora's core customers. Actually, analyst community, most of us already knew both of these for a long, long time. Thanks for showing up.

So, what this article will try to do is discuss a way for Pandora to differentiate itself from not only the terrestrial players in the space but the new age entrants to the audio ad selling niche. I think it's become clear… Read More …