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Does Wizard World Provide Magic For Investors?

Over the weekend, I attended Wizard World's (WIZD) first Comic Con in Madison, Wisconsin. One of the booths at the con was set up by Wizard World to advertise that it is a publicly-traded company. Intrigued I decided to take a look at the company after getting my fix of nerd culture.

Wizard World, Inc. operates a number of for-profit conventions throughout the US. From the 10-K:

Conventions currently holds the production rights to the following 13 conventions: (i) Atlanta Comic Con (Atlanta, GA); (ii) Big Apple Comic Con (New York, NY); (iii) Cincinnati Comic Con (Cincinnati, OH); (iv) Connecticut Comic Con (Hartford, CT); (v) Nashville Comic Con (Nashville, TN); (vi) New England Comic Con (Boston, MA); (vii) North Coast Comic Con (Akron, OH); (viii) Toronto Comic Con (Toronto, Ontario); (ix) Nola Comic Con (New Orleans, LA); (x) Central Canada Comic Con (Winnipeg, Manitoba); (xi) San Antonio Comic Con (San