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Demand Surge and Shortages of Bullion as Stocks Fall Sharply

DAILY PRICESToday’s Gold Prices: USD 1,125.50, EUR 998.23 and GBP 730.99  per ounce
Yesterday’s Gold Prices:  USD 1128.50, EUR 999.38 and GBP 728.91 per ounce.

- Einstein, Physics, Gold and The Formula To End Economic Decay
- Demand Surge and Shortages of Bullion as Stocks Fall Sharply
- New 'Bullion Coin and Bar Premiums and Availability' - See Table

- Gold Outperforms All Assets In August - See Table

Gold Outperforms All Assets In August
As month end approaches, gold has outperformed the vast majority of major assets (see table above) and is nearly 3% higher in August while leading stock indices have fallen by more than 6% and some crashed by 20% this week prior to the recent bounce.

We are extremely busy and this was one of the busiest weeks of the year so far - both in terms of number of transactions and total volume in dollar sales terms. This increase in physical demand should lead to higher prices in the coming weeks. 

This has been the case for bullion refiners, mints and dealers all of whom say very high demand for physical this week. Indeed there are again supply bottlenecks and shortages of many popular bullion coins and bars - especially silver bullion coins and bars (see table below).


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