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De Blasio's Keynesian Utopia: Giant Sinkhole Devours Brooklyn Intersection

Forget the broke window fallacy, meet the broken Brooklyn utopia. We are sure Mayor De Blasio will be cock-a-hoop this morning that a giant sinkhole has appeared in one of his boroughs - swallowing an entire intersection - as what is better for the economy than filling in holes created by a total lack of infrastructure spend with other people's money...



As NBC New York reports,

 A giant sinkhole opened up in a Brooklyn intersection Tuesday morning, halting traffic on the busy roadway.


The sinkhole swallowed up most of the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 64th Street in Sunset Park at about 8 a.m., according to the Office of Emergency Management.


Traffic on Fifth Avenue, one of Sunset Park's busiest roadways, has been diverted while crews work to repair the gaping hole.

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Welcome to De Blasio's New York... with 19 shot in Brooklyn this weekend along with an outbreak of Legionnaire's disease.