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Update: Yum Brands Is Not A Sell On Lower Earnings

Yum Brands (NYSE:YUM) announced fourth-quarter and fiscal 2014 results. The company had posted revenue growth of only 1% in the fiscal 2014 compared to the past year. Its sales growth declined particularly due to OSI scandal in China, which was the main growth area and largest revenue contributing segment for the company. In the past full year, its China division generated sales growth of only 1% while its restaurant margin declined by 0.6% to 14.8% and operating earnings decreased 8%. Aside from China division, the company had generated strong growth across the KFC and Taco Bell divisions. Sales from KFC division increased by 6% and Taco Bell division posted sales growth of 4% in the fiscal 2014. Overall, the company posted 4% growth in its adjusted earnings per share for the full year compared to…