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Semiconductors Chip Away

The precocious youngest sibling, Sister Semiconductors (SMH) represents The U.S. Semiconductor industry.

This industry has been a major innovator among all U.S. industries.

The Semiconductor Industry is the newest industry among the Modern Family.

Economists estimate that all productivity growth during the current decade will be IT (Information Technology) based by both using and producing IT industries.

The basis of the very growth of humanity is IT. At its core is Semiconductors.

Per the analysis of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the U.S. semiconductor industry now employs almost 250,000 workers directly and supports more than 1 million additional jobs throughout the broader U.S. economy.

These supported jobs do not even include the millions of downstream electronics jobs in the U.S. that semiconductors enable.

Sister Semiconductors sits at her computer pondering ways to improve all aspects of human life.

Her “pet” robot, named Chip, reminds us that automation, artificial intelligence and big data are now a part of our everyday existence.

With that said, will IT save the U.S. Economy and the Market?

Today, SMH went into an unconfirmed Warning...