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Five best battery pack on the market

If the smartphone traveling times out of power, grab more and more users back to an external battery pack. Although depending on the size of the devices already capacity of 3,000 mAh and more can be achieved, they are faster than imagined yet. Therefore, we have looked for you a couple of times external batteries that could be your future companion policy.

Who is occasionally at festivals, which is the situation might know: It is with his friends at parties and suddenly adopted the smartphone. No more party photos, no alarm for the next morning and certainly not a phone with siblings to tell what they would miss because Great. Only rarely is an outlet somewhere raise at which the smartphone battery can be charged for a couple of hours. Who calls his own in such situations a battery pack that has already half ausgesorgt. Especially since the equipment not be limited to charging smartphones empty. However, not only the capacity is an important decision criterion.

More juice with battery pack

# 1: EasyAcc POWERBANK (10,000 mAh)

Almost a classic size for a battery pack are 10,000 mAh and more, eventually you come with such packs only really long time to make ends meet. In addition to anchor EasyAcc is one of the better-known manufacturer of such packs. For 29.99 euros, there is the Power Bank with 10,000 mAh capacity rich, which can be used with two USB sockets with 1 or 2 amps at 5 volts for charging. Depending on the size of the battery up to 5 full charge cycles it. Charged the EasyAcc Power Bank itself will MicroUSB, which already requires a few hours. About the state of charge of the battery pack itself give 4 LED lights information. With 244 x 116 x 42 mm and 281 grams weight the EasyAcc Power Bank is quite compact. Roughly comparable to the size of a Galaxy S4, wherein the battery pack almost two to three times as thick. While a USB cable beliegt it lacks a power supply, but should not be an issue in today's households.

#2: Just Mobile Gum Max Duo (11.600 mAh)

A veritable Rolls Royce of battery packs is the Gum Max Duo from Just Mobile. With just under 100 euros although he is anything but a bargain, especially when compared with anchor or EasyAcc, but he can score with a very high energy density and a rubberized housing in the Bauhaus style. Again, lack both USB cable and AC adapter, which is already surprising given the price. Again, two USB outputs are available to each 1 or 2.4 amps at 5 volts. Unlike usual show all 8 LEDs on the remaining capacity. 272 grams brings the housing on the scale at comparatively properly compact dimensions of 109 x 81 x 28 mm. It can charge two smartphones at the same time or to a tablet.

# 3: Anker Astro Slim3 (6000 mAh)

The anchor Astro Slim3 is a little specialty, because the battery pack has unlike the rest of the field an integrated MicroUSB cable, followed by possible on smartphones and Co. connect directly. This saves an additional USB cable that came with the battery pack in spite of all today. Here, too, can simultaneously charge two more smartphones or tablet for which an additional USB port with 2 amps is ready. This must also be no need for a power supply that the battery via the microUSB charging port. As with most representatives of the remaining capacity of 6,000 mAh comprehensive batteries is indicated by four LEDs. What is the anchor Astro Slim3 constitutes its slim housing that is about the size and thickness of a Google Nexus 5. Ideal for the inside pocket of a jacket and MaTT will try for you at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, whether the 25,99 EUR are money well spent.

# 4: The sign Power Bank iEP1500 (15,000 mAh)

Small but powerful, it could be the TeckNet Power Bank iEP1500 call. With 126 x 78 x 25 mm quite compact but with 318 grams no lightweight, battery-pack offers a whopping 15,000 mAh. This allows smartphones charge up to 8 times again or iPad 4 once. The special feature of TeckNet is an intelligent charging electronic called Smart USB, which can automatically adjust over the pin assignment of the USB cable to charge the amperage. Who wants to worry about the proper jack should look at this battery pack for 27.97 euros really closer. Of the remaining capacity inform the usual four LEDs.

#5: EasyAcc U-Bright (3.000 mAh)

Small and your pocket is the EasyAcc U-Bright, who indeed pretty puny fails with 3000 mAh software, but with his size (107.2 x 24.2 x 22 mm and 68.6 grams) and an LED as a flashlight with at least boasts 50 lumens. For the small energy boost in between pretty handy but it was also almost. In comparison to other battery packs for the delivery can be downright lush from: Two USB cable, a lanyard and a lanyard so that the U-Bright is not lost too quickly. The output power is 2.1 amps, which also energy-hungry devices such as current top smartphones are easily recharged. 15,67 euro is relatively expensive.