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Valve Seeking To Introduce New Console To Compete With Sony and Microsoft

Some of you who have played some older computer games may recognize Valve as a popular maker.  It is now developing consoles that will hope to take down Sony and Microsoft.  The popular title "Half Life" was a huge success, sold through its online Steam store.  Right now, Valve is working with hardware partners to begin selling their new console in 2014.  

This company has a huge base of computer-gamers that they will utilize for the success of their new console, hopefully.  Generally, these sorts of ventures are not a big threat to console-developers but Valve's user base makes them a big scale contender.  It's Steam store found the amount of success needed to influence Microsoft and Sony to attempt and duplicate the online-purchasing system.
Funny enough, Valve's co-founder Gabe Newell was a Harvard Dropout who worked for Microsoft for 13 years.  Another smart dropout, how do you think the new console will do?