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trading currency pairs

I know, I know!  Trading binary options is risky.  Some say it is nearly impossible to win with too many losers over winners at the end of the day.  And, after some careful study of my own, I can clearly concur, but with a few caveats.  First, for someone who doesn't know about financial instruments, they should not trade on their own...period.  Second, instruments that are leveraged highly, like binary options, move fast and cannot be traded with any kind of measured accuracy unless strict measures are taken observing many sorts of indicators all at once.  One must be specialized in binary options to trade them.  Even trained brokers should be leery of trading without the express council of an expert. 

My statements here are obvious, are they?  Too me it seems so.  So why do binary options get such a bum wrap?  I just don't get it.  Those who shouldn't be trading them, and lose, are likely the ones complaining.  My only response is, duh!  Tell me something I don't know. 

My conclusion:  Binary options are fine financial instruments but must be traded with care and under the supervision of a trained professional in the field of stocks, and options. 

Why do I feel I haven't really said anything in this little article?  I know, because everybody knows this.  Its redundant.  I don't need to say it.  but yet, I have to say it, and repeat it. 

Enough said.