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Press Dash to order items : Amazon

Company has announced it's new product called Dash this Tuesday .Dash is a Wi-Fi enable button which allows users to add items to their Amazon ( NASDAQ:AMZN)  shopping cart. This shopping cart can be edit with the help of Amazon Mobile app ( Android , IOS , Windows , BB etc) . 

Dash will only allow to add that item to their Amazon cart and once the item gets added user will received notification on mobile app. So  each items has it's own coded button , which can be attached or hung on appliances or anywhere you feel it's easy to remind. So for eg. if you notice that the sanitary papers are going to over you can press Dash button which hang in your bathroom to get added on your Amazon cart.

User can change the order's quality , Items etc using mobile app. As per the company they are providing free device starting Tuesday to the Amazon Prime members upon invitation. Though it will be interested to know the price for non-prime subscribers .

User can order following products through Dash are Bounty paper towels and napkins, Clorox disinfecting wipes, Izze sparkling juice, Cottonelle toilet paper, Olay and L'oreal products, Wellness brand pet food, Huggies diapers, Tide Pods laundry detergent, Larabars, Kraft mac and cheese, Glad ForceFlex trash bags, Gerber baby products, Gatorade, and coffee pods.

Comments by the readers on CNN:

"Another solution in search of a problem.

It seems like the other side of the story of the body of a lady found after her home was foreclosed upon. They estimated the lady had been dead for around 5 years. It seems the auto pay from the bank continued until the money was gone and went into foreclosure. The real estate agent found the body. Perhaps forcing everyone to have auto pay is a disservice. It is consistent with the business goal of collecting money and not providing any product or service, and assure everyone dies penniless.."

""Each product has its own designated button, which can be stuck or hung on appliances, cabinets, and anywhere you might want a physical reminder to buy every day necessities. "

This doesn't seem to match what I'm seeing/understanding. Your sentence acts like the picture above to where there is a "Tide" button and maybe a "Toilet Paper" button. No... this device has a BARCODE scanner and a MICROPHONE button for entering items."