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Nike Halts Production

Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE) sharing J.C. Penney Company Inc (NYSE: JCP) pain with negative publicity. Nike's new Pro Tattoo Tech women's line halted production, this was due to the tattoo pattern being based on pe'a a Samoan based tattoo which are traditionally for men. "To the outside world it's just a design, But to my Polynesian people, it's sacred."  said  Freddie Ika standing up for his tradition. There were more comments on social media websites such as  "I am 100% Samoan and I find Nike's blatant disrespect and profit over my culture's way of life shameless and irreverent. The tatau is thousands of years old with a tradition of honor and you have reduced it to $80 Spanx. Remove at once!" This tradition goes back over 2,000 years, it's passed down through generations. The artist who create these tattoo still till this modern day use boar's teeth and a pieces of turtle shell tied to a wooden handle to mark the skins. This painful process can take months to complete but its a right of passage.

The company had this to day "The Nike tattoo tech collection was inspired by tattoo graphics. We apologize to anyone who views this design as insensitive to any specific culture. No offense was intended." The company has removed the products from the companies website. I don't think Nike meant any harm and the product looks nice, I would advise Nike to work out a deal with the people where they get royalties on this product. This way its a win win for everyone especially the consumers.