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Dollar again losing its shine

This week there mixed data this week for USD. Yesterday positive data on Unemployment Claims USD regained its strength during earlier US session but in later session it lost all its shine because of weaker than expected Manufacturing Index and Industrial Production giving a reason to investors to again think that Fed is not going to start its tapering soon. Today after the data for Building permits came out which were lower than the forecast, USD lost some more ground against other major currencies. Consumer Confidence also fell to 80.0 from 83.9. I don’t understand why everyone is emphasizing on improvement in labor market and giving importance to the other economic indicators as some of the other indicators which are important for growing economy are not good. I like trading USDCHF very simple pair always follow the fundamentals, if the news is good it will surely go up and if the news is bad it will surely go down. Just see the move in the chart, isn’t it a great move? I also like trading Gold and USDJPY.