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Saudi Arabia King May Convince Russia To Not Support Assad

Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is scheduled to visit Russia by the end of this year, an indication that the relations between the countries are improving drastically.

The Saudi Arabian Monarch is expected to convince Moscow to help end the crisis in the Middle East and give up its support for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, according to Efim Rezvan, a well-known Arabist professor and scholar in Islamic studies during an interview with

Iran nuclear deal pushed Saudi Arabia to reach out to Russia

Professor Rezvan explained that Saudi Arabia is trying to improve its relations with Russia because of the current developments happening in the Middle East. He added that the Iran nuclear deal pushed the Saudis to reach out to Russia because they felt that the United States let them down despite being partners for many years.

“The Americans really never pull all the eggs in one basket and their ''divide and rule'' strategy has always been known. The Saudis try to behave themselves the same way. They have been putting all the eggs in one basket for many years. Now they tried to play the Russian card, and there is also a Syrian aspect here,” said Professor Rezvan.

He added that Saudi Arabia is bribing Russia to stop...