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Phased Not Confused-What Happens Next?

Nearly ripe for the picking, I am busy putting the final touches on my manuscript.

The book’s working title, “Phased Not Confused: “A Multisensory Teaching Approach to Understanding Your Money, Investments and the Economy” combines how to define, identify and trade within weekly phases.

I also include the Modern Family and ten Megatrends as a roadmap to the macro picture.

Monday started the week out slowly.

The slew of earnings this week should easily help us determine both the new and continuing phases in overall equities and the Modern Family.

Currently, all except Retail (XRT) are in Bullish Phases.

Questions now are:

  1. For how long will that last?
  2. How will Retail’s drag impact the others?
  3. What can we expect if Transportation continues to slip?

Last Friday, on Mish’s Market Minute Daily Facebook page, I introduced the second Modern Family cartoon character, Grandma Retail.

XRT or the ETF of brick and mortar weakened out of the gate today.

Granny’s 1.5% decline in the face of the Russell’s consolidation near all-time highs indicates something big is coming.

Add to that, the limp...