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11 Stocks Plus Cash Saw $24,000 Grow To Over $1 Million

The average investor can save a tidy sum for retirement. It takes some luck, perseverance, and a buy and hold approach. The portfolio constructed would generate $22,400 in dividends for 2015.

The portfolio was constructed by entering stock symbols into a spreadsheet in random order. The model assumed a $2,000 a year investment from 1985 through 1996 or 12 years. The first-year investment of $2,000 was invested in cash to account for commissions and other fees. The results are not actual results, but hypothetical results. Dividends that would have been earned on investments have been ignored or assumed to have been invested in stocks that blew up and went to zero ($0.00).

The results generated most likely are influenced by a survivor basis. Nevertheless, the exercise proved useful. Data was obtained from company websites and or Yahoo Finance.

The performance results are handicapped by not accounting for dividends… Read More …