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Charm sensor


Tiny sensor doing some amazing work in silence around the world. Out of curiosity, I collected some interesting

applications, let us together under one feel it!

Temperature Sensor

Airflow, humidity and temperature monitoring of the data center allows huge savings in data center operators.

Monitoring freezer convenience store to ensure that the correct temperature in the freezer and the food is safe to eat.

Temperature monitoring of permafrost in Alaska, to ensure that the family will not sink.

During the long voyage recorded temperature of the food tray.

Monitoring the temperature of the insulin in order to ensure its security.

Other sensors

Modeling airflow and cooling in a room with a T- string sensor dense matrix.

Controlled air conditioning relay with battery backup.

Some techniques can be used to verify the correct medication pharmacy distribution to patients, nursing home buttons and controls for electronic locks

Measuring the corrosive effect of atmospheric gases to determine the life of electronic devices and computers.

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Is not it amazing?

Perhaps some but we have nearly fantasies can how to do to achieve what purpose, due to the limitations of knowledge, not
well understand, the results of sensor to achieve all this.