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Global Capital Markets Have Added Over $11 Trillion Since Trump's Election

Since President Trump's election, global equity markets have added more absolute value than at any time in history (around $12 trillion) - surpassing the front-running exuberance that started when Bernanke hinted at QE2 in 2010.

The value of global equity markets reached a record high $76.28 trillion yesterday, up a shocking 18.6% since President Trump was elected. This is the same surge in global stocks that was seen as the market front-ran QE2 and QE3

Of course, some might say this is driven by animal spirits. Still others will proclaim this is all Trump as Obama's suppressive boot on the throat of business is lifted.

However, there is another explanation... a $1.4 trillion addition to global central bank balance sheets seems to have a curiously strong correlation to the gains...


And while Trump's election crushed global bond markets initially, they have rallied in the last few months to entirely erase those losses...

So global bond markets have given up the inflation/growth hype post-Trump? But stocks have been a one-way street - hardly a dip to buy.

What will we do when that light blue line in the second chart above starts to drop? The Fed says "it will be like watching paint dry"...