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​ Elephone P4000: a clone of Xiaomi Mi4

Elephone is one of the Chinese manufacturers that have grown during this year, possibly along with Doogee, both brands that have a great device with great value. Initially Elephone not released to manufacture clones of other popular handsets, but it seems that, after presenting the Elephone G5 (clone OnePlus One), have chosen to follow the same path to file this time, a clone of the Xiaomi Mi4. Hit or miss?

Elephone P4000 would be the first clone Mi4

Elephone has absolutely no intention of wasting time. After revealing this week three of its new low cost devices, the Chinese company is about to present its fourth product according gizchina.com boys, apparently inspired by the current flagship of Xiaomi, ie Mi4.

Specifically, we talked about the clone could be called Elephone P4000, device that would already be working in the company and that could be released during this year. As you see in the image Elephone P4000 has a "slightly" I like Xiaomi Mi4, including dimensions, but as we said in the introduction of the article is not official today.

Generally in the range of devices Elephone we can find smartphone with good hardware, but probably the only drawback being the design, which is why we have decided to adopt the E4, which otherwise can be a success, as it is of Chinese handsets with better design. In Elephone P4000, the Chinese company could shut mouths to criticize the quality of construction and materials of their devices.

Today we do not know any other information about the Elephone P4000, but when we have data update such information. Design is one of the important points, but not the only one, so a good set of specs, and price can be the perfect formula for success this terminal.