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Gold Ore Claims Selected by Gold and Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc. for Mining From Goldfield Basin

Gold and Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc. ("CJTF") ("the Company") (PINK SHEETS:CJTF), a Junior Mining Company in Nevada, Has Conducted a Review of Its First Gold Mining Claims Selected For Mining and Processing, and Updated Its Projections Based On Information Discussed In Earlier News Items to Estimate the Following LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2016 / Gold and Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc. ("CJTF") ("the Company"), (PINK SHEETS:CJTF) a junior mining company in Nevada, has conducted a review of its first gold mining claims selected for mining and processing and updated its projections based on information discussed in earlier news items to estimate the following:

The first 80 acres in the loop for processing after the 1,000 bulk sample is completed at a 15 foot depth has approximately 5,227,200 tons of minable placer ore of which we expect to screen in the field and haul only the best 1/3 or approximately 1,750,000 tons of ore.

We have referred to public data from 640 acres of claims adjacent to our 80 acres which show an average of 0.29 ounces per ton of gold from their 3 sets of data collected and assayed at over 5 labs. These results are useful for projections while our own results are being tabulated. We are hopeful and expect that our data will be similar to the data from the adjoining claims.

If we use the 1,750,000 net processable tons x 0.29 ounces per ton of gold, we show an estimated gross value of a very acceptable number of ounces of gold and at today's price a very nice gross market value...