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Obama Sends 10 More Guantanamo Detainees To Oman

Reconfirming that he has much left to accomplish in his final week in office, Obama has released another 10 Gitmo detainees that have just confirmed their safe arrival in Oman.  Meanwhile, the Omani Foreign Ministry released a statement confirming their 'favor' to the United States "out of consideration for [our] humanitarian situation."  Per the Washington Post:

The statement by the Omani Foreign Ministry said that the men released from Guantanamo would “temporarily reside” in the country.


The move was in response to a request by the U.S. government and “out of consideration for their humanitarian situation.”


The statement did not identify the prisoners names or nationalities.

Yes, we presume they will "temporarily reside" within the country until they can find safe passage back to the battlefield.

This latest transfer is part of an 11th hour effort by the Obama administration to resettle as many as 19 inmates to Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and even Italy before the end of its term which would leave approximately 40 detainees in the facility when the White House is turned over to the Trump administration this Friday.

Of course, the fact that Gitmo will remain open with ~40 prisoners when he exits the White House marks yet another failed campaign promise of a man who repeatedly vowed to close the facility in 2009 arguing that such an effort was necessary to "to regain America's moral stature in the world."


Meanwhile, Trump's vision for Gitmo varies 'slightly' from Obama's after repeatedly promising to "load it up with bad dudes" during the 2016 campaign.


In conclusion: