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Can Energy ETFs Regain Fervor On Capital Spending Cuts?

After a seven-month wild run, oil and energy stocks have bounced back strongly in recent sessions following the slew of capital spending cuts by several major players in the industry. This move, along with the latest data that a number of U.S. oil drilling rigs fell the most in 30 years last week, propelled the oil prices higher.

In fact, both the crude and Brent surged about 20% in the four days till Tuesday, marking the longest winning streak since January 2009. However, oil price again reversed its four-session rally, dropping 8.7% yesterday after U.S. crude inventories jumped to a record high last week. Notably, crude is currently hovering around $50 per barrel while Brent is trading at over $55 per barrel.

Spending Cuts at a Glance

A large number of firms whether domestic or international have slashed their capital spending for this year in order to conserve cash balance… Read More …