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There Is No Alternative To Putin Now

Russian propaganda is trying to blame the West, the falling oil prices and ‘bad’ Putin’s advisors for the worsening living standards of Russians.

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Many Russians are indeed supportive of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions and promises. ‘Well done’, they say, ‘he fights for the interests of Russia against the U.S.’ But it’s all just a make-believe effect.

Only an insignificant number of Russian people are aware of the fact that Putin’s ruling is a direct cause and effect of the crisis as well as the worsening living standards of Russian people.

Russian propaganda machine is hiding away this direct link, trying to blame the West, the falling oil prices and ‘bad’ Putin’s advisors for all the troubles, thus exonerating Putin from responsibility.

Russian people believe that it’s all the fault of corrupt members of parliament, or defense officials or healthcare officials – anyone but not Putin. The President is not being blamed for anything, although every Russian citizen knows that he is the head of one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

However, there is no alternative to Putin now. Russian people would rather not take part in elections as they would not see any sense in participating in the political process.

Moreover, Russian people are scared and, at the same time, easily irritated by those who are brave enough to go against the government. In such a way, Russian people turn their lack of courage, their subordination and opportunism into aggression against such ‘troublemakers’.

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