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A White Paper Analysis of the Treasury Takeover of Fannie Mae

TREASURY TAKEOVER OF Fannie Mae / Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me (OTCBB:FNMA)

The U.S. Treasury has controlled Fannie Mae since 2008 through the Federal Housing
Finance Agency. Today Fannie Mae is a cash generating machine that sends billions of
dollars in quarterly dividends to the Treasury. These business-generated cash flows
provide the Treasury with monies to fund Congressional appropriations and delay the
harsh reality of asking Congress for an increase in the legal debt limit which is a
controversy in itself. Because of the terms of the takeover, Treasury can increase its
dividend payments by simply making a managerial decision to increase their investment
in Fannie Mae and thus increase its cash dividend payments.

Executive Summary: Fannie Mae was taken over by the U.S. Treasury on...