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Buy 8x8 Inc.'s Straddles Prior To Earnings

8x8, Inc. (EGHT), a company providing cloud-based enterprise-class software solutions, is reporting earnings tomorrow:

(Source: TD Waterhouse)

The company beat earnings estimates in 50% of time on the last eight quarters (and stayed in-line with the rest) and has shown swift movements in the market price of the stock:

The market participants expect the following numbers over the next few quarters, including the upcoming one:

(Source: TD Waterhouse)

On the other hand, market data show that the short-term options are relatively cheap:

(Source: TD Waterhouse)

The straddles (options with a strike price of $15) are worth around 10% of the current market price of the stock. Historically, the stock has been more volatile than that on a monthly basis over the last year:

(Source: Google Finance. Calculations by author)

As you can see, the stock has had a monthly standard deviation of 12% over the last 52 weeks, while the straddle expiring in a bit less than a month has an implied monthly volatility of around 10%, while it also includes volatility from the earnings event tomorrow. I therefore see signs of clear undervaluation in these options. 
I am looking forward to trying this trade tomorrow.