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5 Ways To Save Money When you Have Children

       Any one who has children knows that they can cost a lot of money. Buying school supplies, toys and taking them out on the weekend can really add up. Well, here are a few tips to help you save money when you have children!

1. Take them to the library. The library is a great way to keep your children entertained. Not only does the library have free books, they also have free movies and music that you can check out as well. Many libraries also have free activities and programs for all ages from story time for toddlers and learning how to use the internet time for tweens and teens.

2. Buy in bulk and make your own snack packs. Buying items in bulk is much cheaper than buying individual snack packs.

3. Sell your children's clothes. Kids grow out of their clothes quickly, so by selling the clothing that they have outgrown you can buy new clothes for them with the money you receive.

4. Join the YMCA instead of an expensive gym. By joining the YMCA you can save money on an expensive gym membership since they have workout areas and classes. Also, if you have a family membership family membership to the YMCA you do not have to pay the activity fees for YMCA sponsored sports such as basketball and cheerleading.

5. Recycle water bottles. By recycling water bottles you can save money on water that your children take with them when they do sports and activities.