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Airbnb Isn't Killing Hotels Yet

HomeAway, Inc. NASDAQ:AWAY, Hilton Worldwide NYSE:HLT - Airbnb Isn't Killing Hotels Yet

  • Thomas Allen of Morgan Stanley argued in a note on Tuesday that the impact these companies have on the hotel business "appears negligible."
  • Allen recommended owning hotel and lodging stocks.
  • According to Thomas Allen of Morgan Stanley, "alternative accommodation" companies such as Airbnb and HomeAway are not posing a threat to the traditional hotel and lodging industry, at least not yet.

    Hotel Occupancy: Compression Nights

    In a report published Tuesday, Allen examined the peak of the previous travel cycle (2006/2007) in which the number of "compression nights" (defined as a night where total hotel occupancy is greater than 95 percent) within the top 25 travel markets has grown from...