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Analysts Have High Expectations for Shake Shack

Popular fast-casual food chain Shake Shack (NASDAQ: SHAK) will release its fourth quarter earnings today and expectations are high. Analysts expect the New York-based burger joint to post a $0.03 earnings per share with an $33.10 million quarterly revenue earning, WKRB News & Analysis reported.

Shake Shack has done an excellent job connecting its products to social media, according to The Wall Street Journal. The company actively markets their food on platforms like Instagram, particularly connected to millennials.

Wall Street Journal commenter sstelepro said:

"I wondered what all the buzz was about. Now that I see a great pic of just another POC to eat - I still wonder. A soft disgusting bun, some real looking tomato and letture (thumbs up) some terrible looking cheese, and a fatty ground beef burger: yecccch! Another contributor to world obesity on the rise. Just what we need. 

And lets not forget to add a big serving of crinkle cut potato fries. All the better to absorb even more unhealthy cheap fryer oil adding countless worthless calories to our daily intake. Substitute a sweet potato, cut in real fry shape and spice it with a good spice mix and broil it for a couple of minutes. Then you have something nutritious to eat that tastes far better. When you learn about food and start to demand quality, the fast food joints of the world will respond. How about taking a photo a a great homemade burger and side dish and posting it on instagram and vine and get something REAL started that can make a difference."

Wall Street Journal commenter DataAnalyser said:

Seriously? How long will people waste their time connecting with their fast food vendors on social media? At some point, the product and service has to matter. 

"McDonald's is losing because their core philosophy no longer resonates with a growing customer base. When Chipotle was in MCD, MCD had to spin it out because their "food with integrity" ethic was incompatible with MCD management. MCD is okay when a cheap, quick solution works, but I don't think people go out of their way to visit a MCD any more."