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Netlist Announces Strategic Partnership With Samsung For New Storage Class Memory

The following excerpt is from the company's SEC filing.

Partnership to Deliver NVDIMM-P, the Fastest Non-Volatile Memory-Storage Solution for Cloud Computing, Analytics and Other Data Intensive Applications


, November 19, 2015 - Netlist, Inc. (NASDAQ: NLST), today announced that it has entered into a five year Joint Development and License Agreement (the Agreement) with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., to produce a new class of NVDIMM-P (NV-P) memory solutions based on Samsungs industry leading NAND Flash and DRAM, and Netlists pioneering work on HyperVault®. The companies will work to create a standardized product interface to facili tate rapid market adoption and bring the compelling benefits of this new technology to a large group of customers in cloud computing, big data, and server and storage markets.

Under the terms of the Agreement, which includes licensing of each companys respective patent portfolios, Netlist will receive $23 million, consisting of $8 million in cash from Samsung Electronics and $15 million in the form of investment from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation. The Agreement calls for additional exchange of consideration as progress is made toward market introduction of the product. The companies plan to sample NV-P products with select customers in 2016.

NV-P is an emerging industry standard for a new class of NAND-based storage which operates in the memory channel, the fastest data path in a computer. With HyperVault®, Netlist created the industrys first unified memory-storage architecture where low cost, high density NAND storage can achieve the performance of high cost, high speed DRAM memory. This breakthrough patented architecture will be combined with Samsungs industry leading DRAM and NAND, to produce NV-P solutions that deliver cost and performance benefits vastly superior to those of traditional storage solutions.

At Samsung, we are taking the lead in defining the right standards for storage class memory with industry partners, and creating new markets for DRAM and NAND flash memory based on

the new standards. By using a standardized hybrid storage solution, our customers will be able to efficiently extract intelligence from large amounts of data in storage systems, said Dr. Jung-Bae Lee, Senior Vice President of Memory Product Planning and Application Engineering Team...