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Delta Flights to Hawaii Costs Only $6.99 Due To System Glitch

Many of us wishes we can fly for cheap, well good news for us (but bad for the airlines), there have been times where one can secure a (1st class) plane ticket for less than $10.  Yesterday happens to be one of those times where Delta computer glitches advertised plane tickets to Hawaii for $6.99 to St Louis for $12.83 and $132 to San Francisco (First Class).  A travel agent by the name of Cory Watkins claims he paid around $1,400 for 12 flights for himself and his clients to fly all over the country, saving literally 1000's of dollars.

As unbelievable (yet kind of expected) as it may seem, Delta plans to honor the prices.  Just a few months ago, United Airlines encountered a similar glitch in their ticketing system and also went ahead and honored the purchases.  Many of us know that it is a bad idea to engage in a public relations confrontation with customers, so I am sure that this played a part in the airline's decision.  However, even if they wanted to fight it, the regulation says that they cannot do so after the point which a customer receives confirmation for their purchase.