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Facebook Insider Selling Totals More Than $2 Million

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) Chief Financial Officer Michael Todd Schroepfer sold 25,000 shares for $80.12 each last Wednesday, Dakota Financial News reported. The transaction totaled more than $2 million.

The social media stock has been doing well lately, according to Investors. CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s shift to social responsibility via the new Internet.org initiative has investors interested in the long term.

Bidness ETC commenter Ed Tech said:

“Not to mention all the inflated receivables from the perpetual motion information and brain pill vendors that fold before the invoice is due and never gets written off. Or the fatigue that users feel from the useless email from "friend named" spam messaging for other useless crap and the computer constipation caused by the 24 marketing cookies created after every click of the mouse.”