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Apple's Reported Price Raises: Will They Help Or Hurt?

In recent months, I've become more worried about the impact of a rising dollar on technology giant Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). The Dollar Currency Index ("DCI") has soared, primarily thanks to the weakness in the Euro. That talk declined a little thanks to the Federal Reserve's statement which sent the dollar falling. Last week, my Apple fears rose as I worried about rising analyst estimates and the currency issue combining. I've discussed the possibility of Apple raising prices to combat these currency issues. Apple has reportedly done this, so today I want to look at some of the key takeaways.

According to sources, Apple waited until after its "Spring Forward" event to raise prices, so these higher prices will only be in effect for about three weeks during the company's fiscal Q2. A majority of the quarter's sales will be at the lower prices, which I expect will be reflected in the ASP numbers reported next month. Apple has raised a number of product prices globally, as detailed below from MacRumors as well as AppAdviceRead more