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Can Gogo make you hate its in-flight wifi less?

When airlines first announced they could offer wireless internet, in the sky, it was a technological miracle. Sending emails and browsing the web at 36,000 feet was a novelty, something to brag about on social media.

Awe quickly turned to complaining, which was then amplified by being crammed into a flying metal tube. In-flight coverage was spotty, slow, broken, or overpriced. Gogo Inflight, the main provider of wifi in the U.S., bore the brunt of anger. It's a company people love to hate.

Gogo hopes to change that with a new satellite in-flight internet system called 2Ku. The 70 MBPS connection is significantly faster than Gogo's older systems, which rely on ground-to-air connections and get about 10 MBPS.

"To date we've had browsing on board, sending messages and sending text. We haven't been able to have the same connectivity on board you've had on the ground...