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The Struggles Of A Young Low-Income New Yorker

in New York is NOT easy. Especially if you do not come from a wealthy background and were raised by parents who couldn't properly prepare you for the real world. Don't put the blame on them though. You just need to take the proper measures, to make sure that you are living comfortably and in a healthy manner. What are the main things young independent New Yorkers struggle with? Shelter that is for sure. The average price for a studio is like $1000+ a month. It is rare and lucky that you can find a deal for an $800/monthly studio. Jobs are another thing. It seems like even with your degree competition for jobs in New York is a BIG deal. You have people from all over the world that comes to New York because it was their lifetime dream to work there. Here you are, New York City born and raised and you can't even find an entry level position for a damn thing. Even waitressing eludes high requirements and is a competitive job to get. Forget about bartending unless you KNOW a couple of club owners. Bartenders in New York City are now celebrities. If you have not been on the cover of a magazine then, you most likely can't get a job pouring drinks for people. Most mini pubs and local bars are looking for experienced people. So yea, pretty dead field if you ask me. 

You guys can call this a mini rant. But living in New York City is hard. What are your thoughts or suggestions on gaining survival in a city like New York? Part 2 coming up!