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The Gest Hand Controller Lets You Use Your Computer Like 'Minority Report'

Beating the predictions of the Steven Spielberg film by a whole four decades.

Your 2002 self — the year Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report sci-fi thriller was released — would be elated to know that the hand gesture controllers worn by Tom Cruise’s character have become a reality a mere 13 years later. Behold the Gest, a new Kickstarter project that straps a processor around your palm and four trackers positioned at your fingertips, thus unlocking a whole new dimension (or three) in which to control your computer. Utilizing the unbounded movements your hand is capable of, the Gest allows you to control computer interfaces using a variety of gestures, such as pointing, swiping, flicking and grabbing, in applications such as typing, 3D modeling and Photoshop, as well as to control your Internet-connected home devices. Watch the video above and get in on the Kickstarter deals before they disappear.

Author: Gavin Yeung