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American Express Presents A Unique Chance To Buy

By Parke Shall

If we had to start a dividend portfolio from scratch today, using current valuations and the markets that we're given, American Express (NYSE:AXP) would easily be one of the financials we'd like to have exposure to.

In a previous piece, we talked about a lot of the similarities between AXP and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), noting that AXP would be a great match for Apple Pay because both brands are arguably the best and most exclusive with what they do, they're both extremely well-respected, they both have stocks that have outperformed, and they're both prestigious names. Often when I compare Apple to other brands in other sectors, I think about upper scale names like Audi (cars), Coach (retail), and Cannondale (bikes). It's for this reason, combined with valuation and long-term dependability, that we think American Express is in an attractive spot to buy.

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