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There’s a place where you can essentially live like a millionaire. Fill your car with gas for one cent, get a dozen beers or a bed for $1. However, there’s one small catch – the second highest murder rate in the world

‘I went from broke to an instant millionaire here’ – LOL  – Traveller Will Hatton had bundles of cash in Venezuela. Picture: Will Hatton Source: Supplied

“YOU will be robbed, there’s no avoiding that. Just don’t fight it or they will kill you.”

This was the advice that Will Hatton, a 26-year-old traveller who explores some of the world’s least-visited countries on an extreme budget, received when he announced he was going to explore Venezuela.

He tells what it’s really like in a country with more oil than anywhere else in the world — and the second-highest murder rate. As he quickly discovered, it’s also a place that can make the average traveller feel rich.

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