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Bloomberg: Tim Cook Isn't Spending Enough Time In India

Bloomberg: Tim Cook Isn't Spending Enough Time In India - Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL

India is a mostly untapped market for Apple Inc. AAPL, but so far, the company is failing in winning over consumers in the lucrative market.

According to Bloomberg Gadfly's Tim Culpan, Apple's CEO Tim Cook is struggling to win over consumers in one of the world's fastest growing smartphone markets.

Culpan noted that data released on Friday by Strategy Analytics indicate that sales of iOS smartphones in India fell 35 percent in the second quarter year-over-year. Perhaps more concerning is the fact that Apple's market share in the segment stands at just 2.4 percent in a market that is growing by 19 percent.

Granted, Apple has won and lost customers in many markets across the world. This case is different, however, since Apple is failing to win over customers at such an early stage in India's smartphone evolution.

Culpan suggested that the recent sales data in India is a sign of "just how little loyalty" Apple has managed to build for its products. Apple needs to set the tone in India immediately and build a habit among Indian consumers of becoming reliant on Apple's ecosystem.

"Selling just 800,000 phones in a quarter isn't going to get the market addicted," Culpan concluded. "Apple is renowned for its creative product design. Now it's time to apply that zeal for innovation to its business model."

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