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Here's Why Tesla's Batteries Are Better Than the Competition's

Image source: Tesla.

Tesla Motors(NASDAQ: TSLA) vehicles far outpace its competitors' when it comes to electric range capacity. The Model S has a 75 kWh battery with a range of at least 240 miles, while its closest competitors -- the Nissan (NASDAQOTH: NSANY) Leaf, the BMW (NASDAQOTH: BAMXF) i3, and General Motors' (NYSE: GM) Chevrolet Bolt -- fall far short.

One reason is that Tesla uses larger battery packs than its competitors. But the company also tweaks existing battery technology to make it more efficient, and benefits from using mass-produced cylindrical batteries that are found in most laptops.

Watch the video below to find out how Tesla's battery technology has helped the company keep its closest all-electric competitors at bay.

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