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Gold: Best defence in a genuine currency war, says Frisby

Gold: Best defence in a genuine currency war, says Frisby

Every investment needs a good story if it’s going to fly.

“The internet is going to change the world”, drove the dotcom bubble. “They’re not building any more land,” drove buy-to-let. “The Chinese want the things we take for granted – and there are just so many of them,” drove commodities.

One of the reasons for gold’s demise is that its story lost its magic. It no longer seemed relevant.

I’ve said before that gold needs a new narrative. I didn’t think it would come so quickly.

But I think one may be starting to form.

The big financial story of last week was China’s repeated devaluation of the yuan. In just about every related article – and in many of the headlines – the phrase ‘currency wars’ has appeared. It’s all over the papers, TV and the internet.

Read the full article by Dominic Frisby on MoneyWeek here.

Gold in GBP - 1 Year


Today’s gold prices: USD 1,137.95, EUR 1,019.80 and GBP 7128,54 per ounce.
Yesterday's gold prices: USD 1,123.20, EUR 1,017.71 and GBP 716.90 per ounce.

Yesterday, gold finished trading with a gain of 1.34% or $15.00, closing at $1,132.70/oz. Silver rose 2.55% or $0.38, closing at $15.26/oz.  

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