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​Chipotle is Running Out of Carnitas – Here’s Why

Fast casual food chain Chipotle (NYSE: CMG) is known for its customized orders. Customers line up to get a signature burrito or bowl, with the ability to select from thousands of possible combinations of meat, cheese and a slew of other fresh and sustainably sourced options.

Lately, the company cannot meet the demands of customers when it comes to carnitas, or the pork menu option, according to Fortune. The ingredient is often out of stock in some locations, frustrating customers, however, it’s for good reason.

Chipotle discontinued its services with a major pork supplier earlier this year due to quality standards issues, according to Fortune, ultimately leading to the shortage of the product.

The company’s quality standards are high and rigorous, accounting for some of the company’s overall success. Meat at Chipotle must be free of antibiotics and added hormones and the animals must have outdoor access and “deeply bedded barns,” according to the report by Fortune