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Court rules that diddling a few kids here and there is no reason to have revoked Jerry Sandusky’s $4,900 a month pension

The court said Sandusky, 71, was entitled to the pension — which amounts to $4,900 a month — because he was affiliated with the university but was not a Penn State employee during the time he committed the crimes that voided his pension.

“The board conflated the requirements that Mr. Sandusky engage in ‘work relating to’ PSU [Penn State University] and that he engage in work ‘for’ PSU,” Judge Dan Pellegrini wrote on behalf of a unanimous Commonwealth Court panel.

This is pretty much a reward for what he’s done. I understand if the money is going to his innocent, that’s fine, but if it’s simply benefiting him, then why Judge? Why? This is Pennsylvania.  The state takes care of its own.
It could be worse, they could have promoted him instead.

Sandusky and his wife, Dottie, will receive some three years’ worth of makeup payments – Whoa! Why does Dottie get any of the money…she didn’t molest anybody? He’s in prison (probably until he dies), and his poor wife is the one collecting?  She deserves it for being the one that was married to a pedo all those years.  This guy pretty much ruined her life too.

If you’re a veteran and commit a felony, you lose you military pension. Same should have happened here. O.J. Simpson’s pension was around $25,000 a month and federal law prevented that from being touched in regards to the civil suits. My point is, military sucks.

I guess it’s important to know that you don’t just ignore the law because someone is a scumbag and doesn’t deserve it.  Think of it like this, would it be fair to raid someone’s 401k because they committed an unrelated crime?