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JetBlue Profits Soar Into The Sky

It is time to talk about airlines once again, and today it is JetBlue.  As one of the cheaper airlines to fly with, they are largely popular among budget travelers.  With that said, their 4th quarter earnings blew up due to improved traffic and increased revenue.  With that said however, it seems that severe weather during last month will likely hurt their 1st quarter results as they had to cancel just a little under 2,000 flights.  As a result, their operating profit fell about $30 million.

In general however, JetBlue has tweaked their model for the past few years, slowly becoming a full service carrier.  Each year, they've added more travel routes and size and increased the size of their fleet.  They expect their capacity to go up around 6% for this year.  Expected revenue is around $1.35 billion.  Sweet!