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Skyline Medical (TICKER: OTCQB:SKLN) has distinguished itself from other medical startup companies, and is at the forefront of transforming itself into a powerhouse. Players who have invested in the medical field have become moderately familiar with the Streamway product, and the immense potential of this unique device.

"Skyline Medical Inc. produces a fully automated, patented, FDA cleared, surgical fluid disposal system that virtually eliminates operating room workers' exposure to blood, irrigation fluid and other potentially infectious fluids found in the surgical environment." There are no FDA cleared devices of this type on the market today.

Today's archaic and robust elimination of surgical fluid handling methods has left much to be desired, particularly with the extensive range of medical procedures of today. From facial plastic reconstructive surgery, liposuction, hip joint replacement, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and hundreds of other procedures requiring the need for fluid elimination, Skyline has capitalized and optimized the future of surgical waste elimination successfully.

Traditional elimination of surgical fluid requires hand-carrying filled surgical fluid canisters and emptying these canisters into a surgical drain or at times larger canisters. This has a high risk to expose millions of pathogens to not only nurses and faculty, but to the patient themselves. A sterile hospital surgery room must not have the additional risk of airborne pathogens from simple waste elimination, particularly ones that require negative pressure room monitoring (i.e., tuberculosis patients). It has been reported MRSA, airborne pathogens and viruses have been a leading cause of infection in hospital surgery setting. Exposing these pathogens by elimination of canisters in a hospital setting must be removed with the highest degree of control and automation-eliminating human error and exposure collectively.

Skyline Medical's STREAMWAY System fully automates the collection, measurement and disposal of surgical fluids and is designed to result in: 1) reducing overhead costs to hospitals and surgical centers, 2) improving Occupational State and Health Association (OSHA) and other regulatory compliance agencies' safety concerns, (which will become more stringent and standard in the future) and 3) streamlining the efficiency of the operating room and improving infection control concerns in a surgical setting.

There has been a daily pitch battle between bullish and bearish investors with endless rhetorical discussion and speculation regarding the ultimate fate of this company, particularly within the month of September 2016. Subsequent to the recent press release, bullish investors have been eagerly anticipating more critical information that would incinerate even the peskiest arguments of opponents. Investor's first-ever foray into this effort was seen in the company's updated conference call on September 8 th, 2016 regarding the joint venture with Electronic On-Ramp Inc. The stock surged almost 130% after the announcement, indicating the bullish sentiment of the company.

Skyline explains "Skyline medical is creating momentum and a viable company. We look forward to building value for stock holders. This provides EOR special tenders in government standing. NIH, Department of Defense of $550 million dollars.

EOR and Skyline will...