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What We Can Learn About the Economy From Trump's Insane Eating Habits

We live in an era where we have almost instant access to what our friends are doing. I’m pretty sure I know more about what that one kid from freshman year Bio is doing these days than I do about my own mom. While it can be annoying to hop on social media and read a surprisingly aggressive take on immigration reform for someone you once saw drink 17 Heinekens, it’s also nice to live in an era where we can learn exactly how our politicians are spending their campaign funds.

We recently got to take a deep dive into the pockets of everyone’s favorite bloward/actor/entrepreneur/multiple bankruptee/politician, Donald Trump. Turns out that he and his crew really like eating and shopping at the most bland chain stores imaginable. McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) factors in heavily, as well as Wendy’s (NASDAQ: WEN) and Subway. He did his clothes shopping at Macy’s (NYSE: M.) I was intrigued by these choices.

What does it say about us, as a country, when even our billionaires are mostly consuming low quality, easily accessible things? If the Trumps of the world are spending like this, is it indicative of a bad road ahead for luxury brands? To me, it seems like we are reaching a critical mass of chain stores, restaurants and strip malls. Our entire country is losing it’s character, and those wanting authentic experiences are probably going to have to look elsewhere.

Or, Trump is just really into McDonald’s and I am reading too much into this.