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Airbus patents a hypersonic jet capable of flying 4 1/2 times the speed of sound, taking you from London to New York in an hour. But it’s a roller coaster ride not for the faint-hearted

Yes, yes, that’s all very good. I’ll be sure to try and save up $225,000 on economy tickets for a one-hour flight to England when service starts.

However, due to the extreme velocity of this aircraft, passengers luggage may be subjected to some minor time dilation, meaning that in some cases baggage may not arrive at the destination for some years (up to 20 based on current calculations) after the aircraft itself. The illustrator does not seem to understand the difference between “turbofan” and “ramjet.”

Transfer to JetBlue. Boeing cancelled the 2707 and the Sonic Cruiser. Even the Concorde was a flop. 737s log more miles in a single day than the entire Concorde fleet logged in its entire history. When it comes to commercial aviation, economics trumps engineering every time.

I frequently put up with the 10+ hours it takes to fly to southern Japan. I venture to say that a ticket on this beast will run significantly more than a first-class ticket on a standard jet. Having recently enjoyed first class from Tokyo (Haneda) to San Francisco (thanks to earned miles), I can honestly say that I’d rather spend 8-10 hours in first class than three hours in this thing.

Even United doesn’t suck so bad when you’re flying first class. Plus you can fully recline to sleep, or watch movies if sleep isn’t your thing. It’s a 10-hour break from life’s responsibilities.

Pilots would be trained to fly it. Hypothetically, all the other problems get magically solved and this thing gets built. The manufacturer would design a training program, airlines who are buying it would send pilots to be trained, and if they were eventually popular enough to justify it, the airlines would buy their own simulators and create their own training programs. Just like it is now with new types, but logically more thorough.

What’s really happening? Partner with Boeing and Pitch it as a way to gets boots on the ground to anywhere in the world in less than 4 hours and the U.S. military will be falling all over themselves to spend taxpayer money on it. (NYSE: BA) (NASDAQ: JBLU)