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Chesapeake's New CEO Reorganize the Top Management

Chesapeake Energy Corp.(CHK), the U.S. second largest of natural gas producer, just have a big change on its executive team. Chesapeake Energy’s new chief executive Doug Lawler fired 4 top executives : chief operating officer Steve Dixon, senior vice president Steve Miller and executive vice president Jeff Fisher, and the head of human resources, Martha Burger.  Under former CEO Aubrey McClendon, Chesapeake was raise a lot of debt to spend on its operation and lots of merger and acquisition make Chesapeake Energy become the second natural gas producer in U.S. Former CEO McClendon was trying to lower debt and boost the cash flow by selling asset but he got accuse of interwinning coporate interest and pressure from shareholder make him to resign. New CEO Doug Lawler plans to continue reduce the expense and improve performance and this big change will bright the better management to Chesapeake. In 2013, Chesapeake will spend around 86% on drilling and completion capex on liquids-rich plays. Well we have to wait and see who will be the new top executive and will they be able to make a better change in Chesapeake Energy.