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As Additional August Hedge Funds Performance Revealed, Trends Emerge

As August moves into history and additional Hedge Funds are posting their performance during one of the more extended periods of volatility since 2008, trends in hedge fund performance are emerging. In some cases wealth that was quickly built up is being transfered, while in other cases hedge funds who had strong 2014 performance are keeping their heads above water during difficult market environments, while some funds are posting noncorrelated positive performance during a crisis period.

HSBC 9 10 asian Hedge Funds red ink

China funds define the meaning of hedge funds' performance roller coaster

If one wants to understand the dramatic wealth transfer that has taken place recently, look no further than hedge fund’s with exposure to China.

The Quam China focus Fund, with $110 million managed by Chris Choy, has had quite a head-spinning year. It wasn’t long ago, May 31st to be exact, when the fund was up 59.71 percent on the year. The performance wheels started to come off in June and July and in three months those investor gains were gone, vaporized by a dangerous spat of selling in China’s free markets. The fund moderated losses in August, down -2.71 percent, and the fund now stands now down -3.90 percent on the year. Martin Currie ARF Japan Fund, run by John-Paul Temperley with $320 million under management, was down 5.71 percent in August and is slightly positive 0.73 percent on the year. While some Asian-focused funds struggled, the WF Asia Fund, managed by Scobie Ward with $538 million, was off 1.99 percent as of Sept 4 reporting be remains positive by 6.99 percent year to date.

Healthcare funds taking a break, but hedge fund performance in the category positive on the year

Earlier in the year ValueWalk had reported early on a potential bout of buying forthcoming in the bio-tech / healthcare roll-up space, and this category surged a large portion of the summer. That trend might be starting to take a breather as Healthcare related funds were experiencing a degree of mean reversion in August after a reasonably...